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What songs are you looking forward too?

Discussion in 'Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA X & Project DIVA X HD' started by NekoPocky, Aug 30, 2015.

  1. PageofHeart

    PageofHeart Welcome to DIVA!

    Oct 17, 2015
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    Here are my predictions and such:
    Since ryo is handling the main theme it's quite obvious that song will be playable in X so I added it to the confirmed list. So far we have:

    1. Raspberry*Monster - HoneyWorks (Miku)
    2. Strangers - Heavenz + Tokichi (Miku)
    3. Love Trial - 40mP + Tama (Miku)
    4. ??? - ryo

    Along with the songs I added the Illustrators who also worked on that song so here's the list. (~) indicate my predictions on who might work with which illustrator.

    5. Streaming Heart - DECO*27 + Gagame (Miku)
    6. Even If It's The Happiness of You - Heavenz + amemura (Luka)
    7. Electric Love - Hachioji-P + Arisaka Aco (Miku)
    8. Solitary Hide and Seek Envy - koyori + Shin-ichi Satake (Miku)
    9. AiDee - Michie M (Miku + Luka)
    10. Lost One's Weeping - Neru + 456 (Rin)
    11. Sacred Spear Explosion Boy - rerulli (Len)
    12. I Won't Let You Through - wowaka (Miku)
    13. Sea Lily Deep Sea Tale - n-buna + awashima (Miku)
    14. LOL -lots of laugh- mikumix + Honya Lala (Miku)
    15. Hand in Hand - livetune + hoshima (Miku)
    16. Lynne - Hachi (Miku)
    17. Risky Game - Kurousa-P + Ichiyou Moka (Miku)
    18. Blindness - Treow + Shizuka Kitajima (Miku + Luka)
    19. Love Song - LamazeP (Miku)
    20. Empath 144 - Yuuyu-P + nagimiso (Miku)
    21. Water Box - PolyphonicBranch + Nidy-2D- (Miku)
    22. Even as a Kunoichi, I Want to Love - Mikito-P + Saine (Miku + Rin)
    23. Coward Squadron Urotander - Shin-P ~ Shinohara Tamotsu (Kaito + Meiko + Miku)
    24. Trick or Treat - OSTER Project + YOji-san (Rin + Len)
    25. Puzzle Girl - toa (Miku)
    26. Childish War - Giga-P (Rin + Len)
    27. This Messed-Up Amazing World Exists for Me - n.k ~ fujichoko (Miku)
    28. Afterglow - JimmyThumb-P (Luka)
    29. Magical Girl Happiness Theory - Tohma (Miku)
    30. Rotten Heresy and Chocolate - Pinnochio-P (Miku)

    Take my choices with a grain of salt, I simply tried narrowing it down to what I thought would be in it. Though I do like to hear your opinions as well. :)
  2. CrystaltheCool

    CrystaltheCool That Half-Decent Player

    Sep 2, 2015
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    It's kind of sad that all the PVs are just going to be characters singing and dancing on stages... A lot of songs that are very likely to be in X could've easily gotten great story-PVs, like the treatment of "Pinky Swear" from F 2nd, "Time Machine" from F, and "Glory 3usi9" from F 2nd...
  3. Darksidehearts

    Darksidehearts A calm state of mind is proof of skill and mastery
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    Nov 13, 2012
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    Assistant Psychology Prof. at USF
    Rhode Island, United States
    The only song I've ever wanted to see in a retail PD game is Depression of Cybernetics, it's always been an Arcade exclusive and it's truly beautiful. It's a song about war and serves as a warning of what conflict can do to the world we live in. I suppose that doesn't matter anymore though, seeing as we're getting Future Tone too, but I've wanted to say that for the longest time. I'm also not happy with the direction they've gone with this game, part of what made the PD games stand out was the creative PV's telling the story (or an interpretation) of the song as you were playing it. They could have made a separate game if you wanted a virtual dancing studio. Right now, I don't know how I feel. I'll get it to support the franchise so that more can be made in the future, but I am disappointed. Also, I'm not terribly impressed with the current song selection either. I don't feel any sense of rythm to them. (No offense to those who do like what's been added thus far.)

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