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Discussion Thoughts on Expert and Master charts

Discussion in 'Hatsune Miku: COLORFUL STAGE! / Project SEKAI' started by RayGirl, Dec 31, 2022.

  1. RayGirl

    RayGirl Intermediate Player

    Mar 21, 2018
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    Klang, Selangor, Malaysia
    It’s been 2 years since the game’s launch. Overall, it has become a good game. Well, I can’t say it’s good but I want to be mindful with you guys.

    Has anyone ever felt that your hands, arms, and fingers are feeling painful when playing Expert and Master charts? I had this pain since launch and wondering that it was not meant for me. At least I know the timing is -1. It felt off-sync when it set to 0. The results have always been the same for me, nothing has changed.

    Why or how do they think that this game’s charts is easier than the other game? I don’t see how a lot of tap notes and unique long notes would make the gameplay easier. About the long notes part, I have problems with sharp turns, it’s like I couldn’t do brakes when driving.

    Also, do songs have given the vibe when playing? To me, I couldn’t clear my mind when playing it (not to mention, my note speed is 11.3 because of trick notes).

    If the charts are worth playing it, good for you. I’m not here to make opinions about the rhythm gameplay. Not everyone is good at anything and I should be glad that I watched the chart preview of “What’s Up? Pop!”. It’s a good song for anyone to listen to but nightmare for anyone to play the hardest chart. Unexpectedly, another favourite song to my list. It’s really catchy.

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