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Thoughts about the game?

Discussion in 'Hatsune Miku: COLORFUL STAGE! / Project SEKAI' started by RayGirl, Jan 5, 2024.

  1. RayGirl

    RayGirl Intermediate Player

    Mar 21, 2018
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    Klang, Selangor, Malaysia
    I wanted to say something about the game. First, does anyone have mix feelings towards it?

    To me, I was a BanG Dream! player before they mentioned about a new mobile game featuring Hatsune Miku. I thought the aesthetics for the game were good. Somehow, the Master Charts have ruined me when I tried it. Wondering if it’s because of the delay or could not handle my weak arms and mind for playing songs constantly.

    A year later since launch, they have announced the Global version of it. I was excited at first but I wondered why they planned the servers liked that. I thought I should find a way to download the game when it releases. So far so good until… a certain focus group never wanted to have controversial content. I wish I could understand them but I’m still as dummy as always. That was the point where I waited for Southeast Asia Server.

    As usual, still waiting their move on other region server while playing it. As soon as before the 2nd Anniversary, they have announced an expansion for Southeast Asia. I was like “What happened to the new server!?”. I wondered it’s because of their work environment. Everything is changing after all. All that’s left was… a painful feeling in my heart.

    Every single day since then, no matter what I see or how I feel, I was not really at peace. I mean it was true that the server was run by a different team. Still, it felt empty as an original Japanese game. I was used to play BanG Dream! where they showed things related to Japanese life. In their dialogue, they added “-chan”, “-san”, and any appellations to characters. The way they called each other was really unique. Having seasonal BGM was good as well. It gave a sense of celebration during a special day.

    I wish I wanted to play the game a bit longer. My mind and heart couldn’t handle it anymore. No matter how long I have been waiting for it, I am still ended up lost myself in life. I couldn’t feel the warmth I felt. I couldn’t see the colours I knew. Still, I couldn’t be by her side even if I wanted to. I have torn my life apart and there’s no turning back of my actions.

    To add, I should be happy that I found BanG Dream! Not just the characters, the music, the story but also I can get the chance to feel as a human. A lot of times, I was surprised of their starting life as bands. Now, I want to know how far they can go with both life and music. I hope I will keep going no matter how much pain I get especially MyGO!!!!! where they keep moving forward even they are lost.

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