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    215 Points
  2. 5 points to reach Level 16


  1. Account

    Welcome to DIVA!

    Welcome to our forums!
  2. Level

    Level 15

    Reach Level 15.
  3. Posts

    Pro Player

    You've posted 250 messages. But remember not trying to spam just for a few trophies. :)
  4. Edit Play

    Symphonic Dive

    Posted 5 Edits.
  5. Special


    User is 18 years or older. I guess it's time to check out the other side of pixiv...
  6. Anniversary

    Five years anniversary!

    Registered for at least 1825 days. Time to celebrate!
  7. Project DIVA

    Perfect World

    Perfected all songs in a Project DIVA game on the highest difficulty and posted proof.
  8. Events

    Time Limit

    Participated in the Turbo Highscore Contest
  9. Legacy

    Electric Angel

    You are amazing. Thank you so much for supporting us! (This trophy will also award you with the Legendary Supporter user rank.)
  10. Classic Highscore Table

    World is Mine

    Had the best score at 10 songs at the same time in the Highscore Tables of the old forum. - No longer obtainable.
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