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  1. Level
    285 Points
  2. 15 points to reach Level 20


  1. Account

    Account is SAFE!

    Enabled two-step-verifiation.
  2. Level

    Level 15

    Reach Level 15.
  3. Posts

    Advanced Player

    You've posted 100 messages. I hope this took you more than a day!
  4. Special


    User is 18 years or older. I guess it's time to check out the other side of pixiv...
  5. Anniversary

    Five years anniversary!

    Registered for at least 1825 days. Time to celebrate!
  6. Project DIVA

    Perfect World

    Perfected all songs in a Project DIVA game on the highest difficulty and posted proof.
  7. Project DIVA f / F

    Legendary DIVA

    Got all Titles in Project DIVA f/F and posted proof.
  8. Project DIVA F2nd

    Legendary Star

    Got all Titles in Project DIVA F2nd and posted proof.
  9. Project DIVA X

    Platinum Voltage

    Unlocked the platinum trophy of Project DIVA X and posted proof.
  10. Legacy

    New Content

    Registered on the forums before the new games were added.
  11. Classic Highscore Table

    World is Mine

    Had the best score at 10 songs at the same time in the Highscore Tables of the old forum. - No longer obtainable.
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